Lorcana Ursula’s Return League Round 1 @ Newport Retail Park


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Join us whilst we explore the magical world of Disney’s Lorcana 12 Week League, consisting of 3 separate 4 week rounds.
Round 1 will take place every Thursday from 4pm – 8pm at our Newport Retail Park store.
This 4 week round will take place on the following dates: 30th May, 6th June, 13th June & 20th June.
Players can join the league at any time!

Earn League Points by doing the following objectives:

Sign up for a League “Round” – 1 Point each week you attend
Win a Best-of-Three Match – 2 Points
Lose a Best-of-Three match – 1 Point
Teach someone new in-store – 2 Points
Bring someone new that enters the league – 1 Point to both players
Wear something with your favourite Disney character – 1 Point
Play a themed deck, such as one featuring specific character cards or classifications – 1 Point
You can collect a max of 10 per week

Prize Structure:
Signing up Bonus
Hidden Inkcaster promotional card
End of Each 4 week Round:
The participant with the most points is the League round winner and chooses two different promo cards from the following:
Ursula’s Lair – Eye of the Storm promo card
Mulan – Enemy of Entanglement promo card
Mickey Mouse – Leader of the Band promo card
The winner of this round of League play is also awarded ONE pin of their choice
Madam Mim – Purple Dragon promo pin
Kida – Atlantean promo pin.

12 Week End of League Season Prizes:
Lore counters
Alice – Tea Alchemist Deck Boxes
Disney Lorcana TCG logo pins