Batwing Posable Desk Light


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Whether looking for that perfect final addition to a Batcave, or just wanting to let co-workers know you’re secretly a crime fighting vigilante in your downtime, this Batman themed desk light is a cool gift for any desk, study or bedside table.

Standing at 60cm tall (23.5in) and USB powered (with a 3m USB cable included) the Batman Posable Desk Light is ideal for bedrooms or work spaces, and with a sleek black design provides a great Batman themed home accessory. Ideal whatever your working space, the posable arm means you can focus the light to wherever you need it most.

Batman is an instantly recognizable brand, and has transcended his comic book origins to become a cultural icon for over 70 years. First appearing in Detective Comics in 1939, the crime fighting anti-hero is the vigilante alter ego of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. With films such as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, Batman has been at the forefront of the resurgence in popularity of comic book superheroes in recent years, and remains a hero to both adults and children the world over.

The perfect gift for any comic book or superhero fan, the Batman Posable Desk Light is an officially licensed Batman product.

COLLECTABLE MERCHANDISE: Batman themed posable desk light
ICONIC DESIGN: Light shaped like the Batplane
USB POWERED: 3m USB cable included
OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE: Perfect gift for all Batman and DC Comics fans, this Batwing Postable Desk Light is officially licensed and approved by Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Limited.