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Getting Dizzy First Look Review

We give a lot of thought on what we want to be when we’re young, and in Desideria ‘Dizzy’s’ case, she’s tried many things! From being a great ballet dancer, a street artist, a football player… Dizzy just can’t seem to get it right! While trying to navigate the troubles of being a teenager, and trying to find her path to greatness, she finally becomes… the Burb Defender?

From the writer of ‘DC Super Hero Girls’, Shea Fontana teams up with Celia Moscote (Illustrator) and Natalia Nesterenko (Colourist) in this new comic run – Getting Dizzy! This story follows the life of teenager Dizzy, as she tries to figure out where her path to greatness is! She’s tried many, many, things, but she just can’t seem to find something meant for her. But, everything changes when the Negatrixes appear!

So… what is a Negatrix? A Negatrix is a “freaky mean alien monster thing” (From the words Fontana herself!) that feeds off negative vibes. Therefore, the Burb Defender is tasked with defeating these aliens before something bad happens! To make matters even more complicated, the Negatrix’s are invisible when performing their mean acts, and only Dizzy has the power to stop them!

Without spoiling the mysterious happenings in the issue, Dizzy also has the responsibility to figure out what happened to the last Burb Defender, and the end of the issue keeps you wanting more!

Throughout the issue, the colours remain as vibrant as you see them on the cover, with an art style that keeps a cartoonish atmosphere (similar to Stephen Universe) and is an excellent pick for anyone looking for a wholesome story, but specifically targeted towards younger readers.

Personally, the issue also acts as a great opportunity for learning. With the Negatrixes purposely being on their best bad behaviour, it’s an excellent outlet to teach younger readers the importance of being kind and how much of a super power that can be alone! It also teaches the importance of independence, and that sometimes we aren’t in control of our mean actions when hit with emotion, apologies can go a long way! This comic book run could be an excellent disguise for important lessons.

Of course, would it be worth it if there wasn’t a cool wide panel hero shot? Of course not! The excellent team up between Moscote and Nesterenko helps the message reach the audience as well as the dialogue from Fontana. You still have your classic element of special equipment that Dizzy uses to defeat these nasty creatures, and the plot line produced still keeps you engaged no matter your age group. The inner dialogue that Fontana produces reminds you of being a teenager, and makes you think of choices that are big decisions in our lives even if we didn’t know it!

Overall, this comic brings to life not only through dialogue, but colours and illustrations as well, the journey of a teenage girl and the battle between not only the Negatrixes, but the battle of being a teenage girl trying to find her way in life; most importantly how to be great!

Getting Dizzy is a 4 part run produced by Boom! Studios with Issue #1 on sale at or in-store now!

Issue 2 is available for pre-order, releasing on 15/12/21!

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The exciting origin of ANT

Ant (originally created by Mario Gully) is a NEW ongoing title produced by Image Comics. Ant follows the path of young Hannah Washington as she develops into a hero who wants to protect the innocent and save the weak. She believes that somebody wants to fix the world, so why can’t it be her? The story is written, drawn, and coloured by Erik Larsen.

The issue begins with Hannah as Ant, before we are shown the backstory behind the character, it gives a lot of helpful context! Ant is originally a character in her diary that she wants to become. Her father works on a project with a government official named Apollo Steele (remember that name!) which is how Ant is created – through a serum.

As a young child, Hannah is hit by a car which makes her wonder why her Father was never there to save her, as she herself wanting to save other people. Eventually, her fathers project gets shut down, this causes some bad people to go after Hannah and her father after they’re attacked in the house, and after Hannah’s father gets shot he injects her with the serum he was working on.

This causes Hannah to turn into Ant! After the attack, she wakes up in an alleyway in her normal form and is greeted by none other than – Apollo Steele. And that’s where issue 1 ends!

Fun facts

Ant was originally created by Mario Gully when he was in jail for robbery. There was an Ant that had crawled in his cell and that’s where the story developed from. It eventually turned from sharing story’s with his cell mates to his passion project, with a lot of the story based on his daughter.

He sent his first submission for the story while in county jail. The very first appearance of Ant was in 2004, however each reboot and the original failed after bad audience reception and questionable time line / canon. He officially stopped working on Ant in 2007.

However, Ant today was sold to Erik Larson, which is where we pick up! You do not need to know any information on the previous runs of Ant, as the original story only featured Ant as a fictional character IN the fictional world, it did not leave Hannah’s diary!

The issue also includes a couple of pages of sketches, all focusing on Ant, which is very intriguing to see as it gives you a behind the scenes look.

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Cinnamon Issue #1 & #2 Comic Review

Cinnamon Comic Review

Skyscrapers! Biker gangs! Bombs! …Catnip? Welcome to the world of the dangerous ‘CINNAMON’, and they are definitely no ordinary cat here in ‘Big Kitchen City’. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside your little companion’s head, Cinnamon may be the comic series for you. After all, who hasn’t thought about what action-packed, evil robot fighting life their cat is up to! Is it just us?

Guest-Written By: Aimee Pask

I’m sure we’ve all wished at some point or another to figure out exactly what our furry friends are thinking about — after all, we look after them! Well, even if we could wrap our heads around it, maybe your first guess wouldn’t be a gang fighting, city lifestyle, but it is from Victoria Douglas! ‘Written, drawn, and otherwise created by’, Douglas takes us into the mind of Cinnamon (based on her first cat, Ripley) as we watch tables and counters turn into skyscrapers, cat toys turn into gang members, and cups turn into bombs!

Owned by ‘Lady’, Cinnamon gets themselves into mischief on their big (or small, depending on if you’re a cat) adventures over three issues.

With catnip being the main escapade of issue one, it’s followed by a sentient laser pointer in issues two and three as Cinnamon fights the threat for peace in Big Kitchen City! Wondering if this hyperactive kitty is the story for you? Here’s a review of the first two issues, so you can decide to join Cinnamon in the finale.

Issue three (FINAL issue) on sale 29/09/21, and also available for pre-order at

Cinnamon Review


Kickstarting the review, admittedly the art style may not be for everyone. However, I personally believe that the simplistic style with the soft focus and pink palette helps contribute towards the atmosphere of the series. As this is through the eyes of Cinnamon, the art changes when we enter Cinnamon’s world of Big Kitchen City, and the comparison between the average world that we know and Cinnamon’s is a genius idea!

Additionally, the lettering also changes between the two worlds to create a clear division, and the sharp text bubbles add to Cinnamon’s character. I love the gritty and heroic dialogue (“The people of Big Kitchen City need me.”) which easily shows us how Douglas wants the character to be portrayed.

Also, the use of Guppy (Lady’s fish!) being almost the “Man in the chair” keeps the humour throughout the issue. The way the art style switches between the regular world and Cinnamon’s world in an action-packed motorbike chase helps show what happens in Lady’s eyes when we’re in Cinnamon’s world, which means Douglas easily develops familiarity with the common troublesome behaviour of a cat!

The text becomes so relatable (A personal favourite line: “Momma’s gonna watch some NETFLIX!”) and really shows how much effort a cat is willing to go through for catnip. As we come towards the end of the first issue, it also emotionally portrayed the relationship between a pet and their owner, and I’m sure we can all agree we can’t stay mad at them for too long!

Cinnamon Issue #1 CVR A | Cinnamon Issue #1 CVR B | Cinnamon Issue #1 CVR C


The second issue starts with Cinnamon being suspicious of Lady, and when combined with the lettering and art style, it leaves a hilarious impression on the reader as the humour shines through the page! Although the issue simultaneously balances an impressive relationship between humour and action/adventure, it still manages to keep the main focus of the issue; The Cinnamon Lazer Defense Force.

The further into the issue, the more we get to see of Douglas’ amazing talent through her creativity, especially in regards to the laser pointer. I heavily encourage you to pick this up and experience it yourself! We get to see an aggressive side of Cinnamon (“…once I’ve torn you…limb from limb!”) when it comes to the newly introduced antagonist, and it’s great to see the different personalities between the two (and to specifically highlight, the attitude from the laser pointer is highly enjoyable).

It’s also impressive to see how Douglas created such complex emotions for Cinnamon, and it really helps the reader stay engaged when Cinnamon is met with guilt. We’re then taken back to our ‘Man in the Chair’, Guppy, who uses his tech to translate (into the language, guppy, of course) and to figure out who exactly this new villain of Big Kitchen City is. This then leads us into the finale issue!

Will they successfully manage to uncover the laser pointer’s weak spot, or will chaos reign over Big Kitchen City once more? This issue leaves us with many questions, and it only builds onto the excitement for the final issue!

Cinnamon Issue #2 CVR A | Cinnamon Issue #2 CVR B


Cinnamon is everything you would want out of a comic book; the adrenaline from a big adventure, meaningful art style, humorous writing, and a new fan-favourite essential of ours… cats!

We implore you to pick up the two issues available, so you can join us all in reading the third and final issue, available in-store on the 29th of September, OR available for pre-order.

Trust us, we hope we’re not the only ones now thinking about the evil robot fighting lives of cats now, so you definitely don’t want to miss out!

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Who is Yara Flor?

Who is Yara Flor?

Take a delve into what’s on a subscription customer’s very important, must-see, exciting big two pull list, and find out more on the newest Wonder Girl herself — Yara Flor.

Guest-Written By: Aimee Pask

As you probably know, Marvel and DC Comics (often referred to as the Big Two) publish a lot of comics monthly. That makes it so sometimes it can be difficult to pick and choose exactly what you want to pull each week. When you know what you like, sometimes you don’t want to leave your comfort zone and pick up a title that you’re worried you’re not going to enjoy.

Well, have no fear, from the eyes (well, specifically words) of a subscription customer at Sin City, here is a review of my current* top five pulls that stand out every month, and can encourage you to try to delve into something you might not have tried! Each review will help guide you onto where to start, so no matter if you’re a new reader** with us or not, you can enjoy whatever you like.

Additionally, the main topic of this post will be to introduce to you the latest (arguably, greatest) Wonder Girl — Yara Flor, and everything you need to know with an in-depth review.

*as of the week beginning 30/08/21
**JOP = Jumping On Point


W: Stephanie Phillips / A: Riley Rossmo/Laura Braga

In true Harley Quinn style, Phillips, and Rossmo (later Braga) create an iconic duo that brings Harley’s personality and humour front and centre by the use of unique art style and colours. Every turn is a fragment of Quinn’s mind and is refreshing to see the challenge of Harley delving down the ‘heroic’ path in her own fashion.

Focusing more on everyone’s favourite antihero’s psychology background, Phillips focuses on her characterization without straying from the character we all know and love on par with the dialogue.

Now, leading up to DC’s next event BATMAN: FEAR STATE, the team have easily hooked me as a reader onto finding out not only what’s next for Harley, but everyone’s favourite femme Fatales; Gotham City Sirens, especially in the issue (six) leading up to the event, which had the appearance of Catwoman (Selina Kyle) and showed us the witty relationship between the two women (with references to Harlivy, for any shippers out there).

Rating – 4/5, JOP – #7 28/09/21


W: Jed MacKay / A: C.F Villa 

A personal number one favourite of mine, MacKay has effortlessly managed to divide Felicia Hardy into an iconic Spider-Man love interest, while also still keeping her character to her own adventures and heists (of which are highly entertaining!).

With issue one taking place during the King In Black event, we loosely pick up on Black Cat’s loveable crew (issue four) where MacKay left off from the previous Black Cat solo run from 2019 (also a huge recommendation). This run delves into Felicia’s history and creates a depth to the character that has never been shown before, and makes you second guess how big Felicia is willing to go!

Constantly keeping you on your toes, Black Cat starts as an excellent example of street-level Marvel (Well… you’ll have to read the issue’s to find out how crazy Felicia is getting!) and with Villa, the art matches how intense Felicia can be. With beautiful line-art, stunning colours, and ambitious writing, Black Cat is a run for everyone!

Rating – 4/5, Finale – #10 29/09/21


W: Chip Zdarsky / A: Marco Checchotto/Mike Hawthorne

Talking about street-level Marvel, Daredevil is even better when you’re seeing double! That’s right, Elektra Natchios and Matthew Murdock come hand in hand while ‘Daredevil’ (Matt) is sent to jail under… Well, find out for yourself! Elektra promises Matt, who both have an intense amount of history together, that Hell’s Kitchen will be in good hands while he’s otherwise preoccupied. Dare I say Elektra outshines Matt in this instance, the art team suit up Natchios in her very own Daredevil costume as she fights crime, but also gives the reader the tense depiction between Matt and Elektra’s morals (something that has reoccurred between the two frequently in the past). With the current series ending at Issue 36 (but not to worry, Devil fans, we’ll see more in the NEW event ‘Devils Reign’!), Marvel continues to entice readers and to expect “Calamity is around the corner”, and in the fashionable ancient evil ninja-style: will Matt and Elektra have to fight to the death?! “Issue 36 is NOT an ending, it’s a beginning.” Chip Zdarsky states, and if that doesn’t entice you to pick this up — what will?! (If you loved Elektra in the show — pick this up!)

Rating – 5/5, Finale – #36 10/11/21, JOP – #31 30/06/21 (Rec Read #25-)


W: Kelly Thompson / A: Elena Casagrande 

After the much-anticipated release of Marvel Studios Black Widow, this run excellently demonstrates the relationship not only between Natasha and Yelena (or, ‘Natalia’, as Yelena would remind you) but of Nat’s bonds between crucial characters in her many years of history (Clint Barton, Bucky Barnes etc.). Starting at issue one, Thompson creates an absolutely genius way to connect to Natasha emotionally as she lives a fake life, while the real important relationships that Nat has established try to save her. Moreover, the further we explore the world around Nat, the more we realise how important the Black Widow really is as she uncovers something after a very emotional adventure. Words can’t describe the stunningly pleasing art by Casagrande, which is as important to telling Nat’s story and relationships as the writing. Thompson especially shines her street-level acumen as she did while writing Hawkeye, and each issue has you needing to know more of the complexity that is the Black Widow. 

Rating – 5/5, JOP – #11 15/09/21


W&A: Joelle Jones 

Now, onto the focus of this post! Yara Flor was introduced during DC’s event FUTURE STATE, which showed us a glimpse of what the DC Universe could look like, well, in the future. In her timeline, she is the new Wonder Woman in the absence of Princess Diana, although she is not from Themyscira: she’s originally from Brazil, living in Idaho before her prophesized return. In main continuity (Prime Earth) her very own solo run follows her journey (‘Homecoming’) through mystical artwork and astonishing writing. Jones and Yara herself bring a fresh addition into the Wonder Family and it is certainly a journey you do not want to miss. 

Rating – 5/5, JOP – #4 12/10/21


Spoilers ahead!


To start, we’re introduced to the beginning of the comic by stunning action and a wonderful palette of colours to juxtapose the introducing dialogue of a plane announcement. This continues onto the next several pages (without feeling repetitive) to give us an important look into Yara Flor’s origin. While the chaos and fighting remain front of the issue, the art style impeccably translates every emotion Yara is feeling as a young girl before we get interrupted to the present day. Continuing on through the comic, the lettering and art introduce us to Themyscira and the beginning of the prophecy. Still on the plane, in a visually stunning double page, Flor is surrounded by many iconic DC characters that really puts an emphasis on her introduction to Prime Earth (also pictured on the page — Nightwing holding a puppy, what’s not to love about that!). Throughout the issue, Yara’s beauty is highlighted through the art, while also displaying her good actions and really sets up a connection with the reader as she saves a civilian from an accident. The lettering in this issue is crucial, and I especially appreciate the music notes that corresponded with the water as it lurs Yara in. The final page of the issue gives us a stunning page with beautiful colours (courtesy of Jordie Bellaire) as it introduces us to the first arc of the series, ‘Homecoming’!


Picking up where Jones left off in issue one, the dialogue explains the Great Warrior Iara as she is pictured with the stunning artwork, telling us that she is the Protector of the Sacred Waters and Yara herself is prophesized (connecting to issue one)  to restore the balance of nature and the world of man. Her amazing power is shown through the artwork as she bursts full of energy and makes the reader recognise: This is Wonder Girl. Bringing in the realisation, Cassie Sandsmark (also known as Wonder Girl) volunteers to find Yara in an attempt to spare her life, but unfortunately Yara is faced against other Amazonia’s as she is declared a ‘danger’ against them. Ultimately, Artemis is also after Yara as we see her travelling across many places in Brazil, and both Cassie and her come to a confrontation as they were after the same person. The dialogue through this exchange remains true to both characters, with Cassie remarking how Artemis “Why? Can’t — you — banter… — and *irk* fight at the same time?”. Finally, towards the end of the issue, the art style remains as good as it started, along with the dialogue preparing to finish off for the next issue, while also leaving us with more to ponder. It introduces (reintroduces) Eros, God of physical love and sexual desire. Love is certainly cruel!


Straight into the action, the colouring really sets the tone between both scenes that are going on throughout the issue. While Yara is fighting and back in action, the cool tones complement the linework of the monsters and… talking evil crocodiles! The lettering sets apart each character’s intentions (no matter human, or otherwise monster) and when we cut back into ‘Elsewhere’, the colouring helps distinguish what’s going on for easy reading. Cassie and Artemis’ banter remains throughout the issue, which is a pleasant move by Jones to create a separate atmosphere from the other scenes. Eros appears once more to bring Yara with him, and we’re met with emotional panels as Yara is hit with one of his love arrows, and has to leave her friend behind (after much deliberation and reluctance). But, she promises she’d come back to him meanwhile Cassie and Artemis form a temporary team-up on the hunt for Yara. At the end of the issue, the colour palette is exceptionally pleasing as we’re introduced to Mount Olympus, and we also get to see Goddess Hera, who claims she has great plans for Yara Flor. This has left me on the edge of my seat! Overall, the entire series so far has shown us incredible artwork and in-depth writing, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for Yara as her journey to being Wonder Girl is set out in front of her.

So, there we have it. My goal is that his post has encouraged you to take the risk, pick up something fantastic you normally wouldn’t consider, and also persuade you to become a subscription customer! If any of these take your fancy, as a sub-customer you get to reserve a copy, so you never miss out on anyone’s next big adventure. Happy reading!

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Comic Fair

We all know Comic Conventions have been pretty much postponed if not cancelled for the foreseeable and those that are booking are still not quite 100% – the landscape is ever-changing just like the rules.

All around the UK rule changes are causing much confusion for us all but with Wales allowing indoor events and markets, we at Sin City Comics & Gaming were able to reopen our gaming floor back in May and the next stage to our plans is to bring back the comic fair!

Our first was in February 2020 which was such a resounding success that the next one in April was fully booked by the end of the day!

Sadly, as we all know, life got pretty much cancelled last year and the first near half of 2021 with constant ongoing changes in what we are allowed to do or in most cases not allowed to do but we’ve seen most of it out and despite various challenges along the way we have seen it through!

Now it’s time to get back into it all and go all out! So….SATURDAY 21ST AUGUST we bring back Newport’s Comic Fair to Sin City Comics & Gaming!

It’s free entry and will consist of local traders with custom bespoke products as well as bringing you two of the best artists from Newport who create multiple commissions for Topps Cards including Star Wars, Stranger Things and so much more.

If you’re a trader and would love to be at our event please click the link to the book. We welcome all kinds of traders as long as you are appropriate to the genre of our industry. The only restriction is Funko Pops – any trader who sells these will not be able to.

You can book via the website, the table arrangement information is detailed in the product description and we ask that you add what you sell and any other information you wish to share or request, please add it to the comments box on the checkout page so we know what you are selling, therefore, we can plan the ranges accordingly.

Purchase as normal and use the local pickup option not the £5 flat shipping rate.

We hope to see you join us on 21st August as a trader or a customer! Mark it in your diary and we will see you there! 😁

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2021 Dragonball Super Card Game UK Regionals

Dragonball Card Game 2021 Regionals

It couldn’t be a better time after such a long period of time no one could play their favourite TCGs outside their bubbles. Not only can you now, but we are the UK host for the 2021 Dragon Ball Super Card Game regionals! This is a very exciting announcement for us and we hope for you too! We are honoured to be chosen to represent the UK so we plan to ensure your day is the absolute best it can be. Here’s the lo-down:

Firstly – refer to the official for the formats and prize list – it is the stores discretion how this is awarded of which will provided to participants after booking their place.

Date: Saturday 26th June
Capacity: 64 players
Registration Starts: 10am
Gameplay Starts: 11:30am
Location: Sin City Comics & Gaming, Friars Walk Shopping Centre, Newport, South Wales, NP20 1DR
Covid Compliancy: Strictly in place but subject to government advice closer to the event date. All participants will be updated once they have booked
How to book: Click here! (Select local pickup on checkout)

Please avoid asking questions that will be covered once you have booked unless you had any special requests in which case please email [email protected] in the first instance.

Often people assume Wales is miles away but did you know Newport is infact on the three main city lines from England? London Paddington, Manchester Piccadilly and Birmingham New Street. 2 hours from London for a start!

  • 10min walk from Newport Train Station (Newport, South Wales)
  • 5 min walk from Newport Bus Station
  • On-site parking at Friars Walk or 2 mins walk from neighbouring multi-story car park, Kingsway Shopping Centre
    • Fully accessible, disabled access as all ground level, car parks all elevator assisted and toilets available within Friars Walk 30secs from store.

Advance booking is mandatory. Be part of something SUPER and see you in 29 DAYS!!

Check out the Prize List for June 2021!

Prize RankPrize
ParticipationChampionship Pack 2021 Vol.2 x4
Event Pack 08 x2
Top CutChampionship Pack 2021 Vol.2 x3
Event Pack 08 x2
Alt Art Card Set 2021 Vol.2 x1
Top 2Finals Invite (Certificate)*
*Requires 64-person event
ChampionFinals Invite (Certificate)*
*Requires 32-person event
Stop Dragon your feet and get involved!

Dragonball Card Game Event Pack 8